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Purchasing Manager at Pharmaceutical Supplier  : “Your service exceeds our needs. Thank You.”

Buyer at Specialty Resin Producer:  “I think the team [does] good work. To be honest I don’t know
what can be better…good feedback, timely, fast quotation, fast delivery, I think it is a good
company with a good product.”

Supply Manager at Paint and Coatings Company :“Great customer service. [Staff is] always on
top of things. Very efficient.”

Buyer at Specialty Polymer Manufacturer: “I don’t see anything to be improved for the time
being. I was late on [sending a purchase] order on a blanket order and I received excellent service.”

Purchasing Manager at Electronics Chemical Producer :“Have had the pleasure of dealing
with Amazing Chemical for 19 years.”

Purchasing Manager at Epoxy, Colors and Dyes Manufacturer: “The order process was
a breeze. Very happy with the whole
transaction. Thank you.”

Buyer at High Purity Chemical Supplier: “I truly appreciate your courteous service &
on-time delivery.”

Purchasing Agent at Personal Care/OTC Pharma Company: “Amazing Chemical
has been excellent to work with in the past and I hope that you can find opportunities
to experience their customer service, attention to detail, etc. in future sourcing needs.”

Purchasing Executive at International Specialty Chemical Company: “Wonderful
service and excellent delivery. Thank you all so much for everything.”

Buyer at Performance Polymer Manufacturer: “System works very well, from
courteous customer service, prompt service, and delivery to overall quality.”

Purchasing Professional at Regional Chemical Supplier:”Thanks to you for all you
do in keeping Delivery on-time, Quality that meets specifications, and pricing competitive.”

Buyer at Major U.S. Chemical Manufacturer: “Great job on communications and response time.
Thank you.”

 Purchasing Specialist at Major Chemical Supplier: “Service, communication, and company
relationships are excellent.”

Purchasing Manager at Resin Manufacturer: “We have not had a quality issue with any
shipments from Kessler in over three years and shipments arrive on average a couple of days
early—which is just fine with us! Kessler achieved a perfect ‘vendor rating’ … Keep up the good work!”

Purchasing Associate at Reagent Chemical Manufacturer: “Much appreciative of [their]
way of doing business and their seriousness.”

Purchasing Manager at Electronics Chemicals Manufacturer: “I am always made to feel
like part of their Chemical Family.” “Placing orders with Amazing has always been easy and I have
never incurred any negative issues.” “You folks are one of my easiest vendors to work with.”
“We are happy!”

Buyer at Aerospace Chemicals Manufacturer: “We have [had] a pleasurable cooperation so far”

Chemist at Specialty Polymer Manufacturer: “It is always a pleasure to deal with anyone from
Amazing. [They do] an excellent job for [us]. Everyone is very pleasant to deal with :).”

Purchasing Manager at International Chemical Supplier: “I was very pleased with the service I received.”

Buyer at Custom Chemical Manufacturer: “Everything is fine, no further requests to be made.”

Purchasing Specialist at Custom Polymer Manufacturer: “Always appreciate the fine service!”

Owner at Chemical Broker/Trader: “Good job!”

Purchasing Manager at Major Resin Manufacturer: “Everything has been great.”

Buyer at Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer: “Kessler’s doing a great job!”

Purchasing Manager at Pharmaceutical Company: “Always a pleasure doing business with Kessler.”

Buyer at Custom Manufacturer: “Keep up the good work.”

Purchasing Manager at Resin Manufacturer: “I think Amazing is such a good company with nice and respectful
people working in it.”

Purchasing Manager at South American Polymer Manufacturer: “I like the email PO submission.
Your response time is good – makes my life easy.” You always reply to my questions and needs – very appreciated.”

Buyer at Adhesives Manufacturer: “Have always been very satisfied with your product and service.
Keep up the good work!”

Purchasing Manager at Chemical Engineering Company: “Your performance as far as I can tell is excellent
in all phases of service.” “Keep up the good work.”

Buyer at Aerospace Chemicals Manufacturer: “Excellent for everything, thank you.”

Thomas Miller; I love your company, great and fast delivery, thank you

My next order would be 20kg and i’m still going to make payment through bitcoin because it’s very fast, safe and discreet

Buyer From Poland “Thomas Misky” 

I’m very happy to have the most legit vendor of research chemicals in USA. My package was delivered successfully to me 3/15/2022 shipment received. More kg to be order next week